Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why The South Seceded

They say that history is written by the victors, but Only in America, it has been written by the defeated. The South lost the war they singlehandedly started, The Civil War, but they convinced America that they didn't go to war because of slavery!! Ha!! On the eve of the War, the Confederate Vice President said that The South had to secede to preserve slavery!! And he didn't mean just in The South. Since the Constitution guaranteed slavery there, the Southern plantations were in no danger. No! The Southerners wanted to allow slavery in all the new territories and even to make a Constitutional Amendment that no state could ban slavery. Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, said that Lincoln's stance against expanding slavery made the slaves worth less to their owners. That was the sole reason he gave for seceding.

After the war, Southerners were ashamed to admit that they brought about such a brutal conflict just so they could own other human beings. Starting in the late 1870's, they began to insist that they were only concerned with states' rights. However, the only "state's rights" they were concerned with were slavery. Before the war, it was the South which consistently violated Northern state's rights by using Federal agents to capture runaway slaves who were in states that had abolished slavery.

Who cares now? Well, the racist belief, expressed by the Confederate Vice President, that blacks were inferior to whites and lived only to serve whites, lives on so long as people are bamboozled that The South seceded for unnamed state's rights. Besides, the truth is the truth.
The most inexperienced President America ever had was Abraham Lincoln. He became President because the South knew he wouldn't allow slavery to be expanded into the then new territories, although he couldn't touch it where it already existed because the Constitution allowed it.

He was the single most influential President we ever had, not only saving the Union and paving the way for America to become a world power, but, ultimately, spurring people all over the world to demand democratic nations.

Now almost 100 years after his birth, the next most inexperienced candidate is running. He, like Lincoln, is not a tool of the large corporations. He, like Lincoln, is humble, intelligent, and humane. But, will he win? Probably not. Why, when he is clearly superior to Clinton and McCain? Well, ironically, because he's black, one of Lincoln's beneficiaries. And, it's not only the American people who won't elect a black President. It's the American press who have dwelt, not on his positions and plans, but on nonsense like his preacher said abrasive things in sermons? Well, who ever agrees with everything one's preacher says? I sure don't, but I'd hardly get up inthe middle of a sermon and leave, nor would I resign from the congregation. How about you?